Bicycle Track Pump - Help Required

    Hi hopefully someone can help.

    I have a Hybrid road bike (more road then MTB) and ride occasionally to get around and keep fit in the summer months and odd jobs around the other seasons.

    Having purchased the SKS Wese (High Pressure Road Mini Pump) last year, I have been left under whelmed, either I am using the pump wrong or this thing just cant reach the pressure required for a road tyre (700x25 - 115/125 psi)

    So decided on purchasing a track pump as I have been told this will more easily reach the desired pressure and not be as much hard work.

    I have no idea where to start, so all help appreciated.

    I dont want to pay ridiculous prices, but I am willing to pay for a good quality pump that will be fit for purpose and serve me over time.

    Leading brands, easily replaceable parts, well time served options....please help.


    Joe Blow from Wiggle or somewhere similar.

    Original Poster


    Joe Blow from Wiggle or somewhere similar.

    Thanks for the response there seem to be a million Joe Blow variants, any that you recommend?

    You may want to think about why you bought the mini pump in the first's very portable.
    The track pump is great for reaching a high pressure with a few pumps but you're out of luck if you get a puncture on a long ride.

    To answer your question I would say practically any track pump is long as it has a gauge.
    I just can not see myself buying a pump for £40-60.
    How about this one:…661

    or this one (and I'm pushing my budget now!)…661

    Mine's a simple plastic one and it has lasted for years and goes great for my 700x20c...but it doesn't have a gauge. Hence my earlier comment. Incidentally, I saw a track pump with a gauge at Asda for not much money. You may wish to check it out too. Happy hunting.
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