Bid TV.... how does it work?

Found 14th Jan 2007
i never really understood how these work... could someone tell me please?
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any information and possibly feedback would really be appreciated.
No idea, soz.
Do you mean like bid up or price drop tv?
If so
On bid up you call and key in your max bid. You win the item if your max bid is less than what the item goes for ie if you bit £50.00 and all the items go at £38.00 you would get one and would only pay the £38.00. An operator calls you back and takes your card details

Price drop is different (slightly) they have a set number of items (say 50) and a sarting price (say £100) it continues to drop and people call in when they get the same number of calls as the number of items (in this case 50) it stops falling and thats the price you pay.

Personally I have found that there apears to be a price that and item won't go below so I suspect that they decide before hand the very lowest they will let it fall to and then pretend that loads of people call in at that point.

Hope this helps and makes sense
yep. i might try this later tonight, if anyone has ever done this and knows of a "catch" please let me know. thanks for you help already
i've used it a few times and found them great some of the stuff is a bargain others not as much so lol
You can check the website to see whats on and place bids prior to the auction starting. [url][/url] I think
Beware though the site is a bit of a navigational nightmare. At least it was last time I was on it
good luck
Use the website to place bid (Sorry not really a bid as all pay the same final price) and register otherwise they charge £1 for the call. The one thing you have to be aware off is The P&P charge even for the smallest item it is £7.99 and rises
i've noticed. i've also noticed the price on something im watching in particular is falling by 1p every 2 minutes.... bit rubbish lol.
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