BIG BROTHER 11 - CH4

    hey all i just got this ...Dear Craig Owen, Congratulations, you have now successfully been booked into attend the recording of BIG BROTHER 11 - CH4 taking place on Friday 23rd July 2010 at 19:15. To retrieve and print off your exclusive ticket(s) online please visit the following link right now:.....

    what exactly am i going to, its not the eviction no? i just applied because my girlfriend likes bb lol got 2 tickets..cheers



    whoopee do lol

    Original Poster Banned

    yea well am not to bovered either i was just wondering what it was we were going to thats all.

    why isn't it the eviction? Aren't the evictions on Fri eves anymore? I haven't really watched it the past few years so dunno what's going on with it anymore but can't think what it would be if not the eviction. I know they have the crowd standing around all eve for hours on eviction nights though.

    we only on bb10 ! ?
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