Found 10th Jul 2009
so who do you want to go tonight?? and what did u think bout last nites drama i did like seabash (wrong spelling i know) but he is such a game player and liar
only bb fans invited others will be ignored

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whos it between? havent watched it since launch!

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kris sophie charlie halfwit and marcus

cant decide which one of the men annoys me the most dont think i mind which of the guys go


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kris is 1/20 to go so it looks like it will be him but id rather halfwit or marcus to go

kick that bawbag kris out , so up himself.


But anyway, back to topic, who do you want to see go OP?

Already stated in first post.

Kris needs to go, Wannabe Jesus.


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i think kris is ok i hate halfwit i cant believe he is fav to win the show if he does win im not gonna watch it next year


kick that bawbag kris out , so up himself.

and slimey ..yuk!

Blueberry yumyum;5715441

and slimey ..yuk!

and a knob.

i vote Davina out

Kris to come out

and fall down the stairs.......why don't they ever fall down the stairs ????

I'm always falling down mine

I'd like half wit to stay!

I don't know who I want to go


You want Kris to go ha ha

Oh ok Nikki! Thanks for letting me know :-D

Yay time to find out!

You got your wish

Justice for all , the tadge is out. :thumbsup:
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