Big Brother live stream for free

    For anybody that wants it, you can watch the live stream for Big Brother (not that it's really worth watching this year!) can be viewed at…tml (theres a few other channels too!) It's good quality and free (apart from your bandwidth!!)


    I haven't really watched it this year, Can't get the live stream to work either!!

    Cheers anyway Pete!

    Original Poster

    Try this Iom

    On your desktop

    Right click -> new -> shortcut

    paste in mms:// as the location, and name it whatever you want.

    Then you can just doubleclick the shortcut to open in in WMP

    Doesn't seem to work for me either.

    Nor me, if your on VM you get it free anyway.

    Or you could just watch on E4..........although paint drying would be more fun. :whistling:

    worked for me pete :thumbsup: thanks


    charley to win. she is so funny and the best looking. the british public please dont kick out the most entertaining ones.
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