Big Brother show

    I have just once again watched that stupid commercial for the last Big Brother show and found myself wondering if I really end up watching it?!

    Could it be excused because it's the last one so you kinda want to see what car crash TV they're going to end up showing or am I just plain mad?!



    probably will be just the last one on channel4 (endemol company makes and sells it)

    some other channel will lap it up, most likely channel5

    who can even remember anything of the last few BBs? complete nobodies, cant remember who was in it or who won

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    see, that's what I'm thinking as well. haven't watched it in years but it seems like it's going to be watched by many...don't wanna be the outsider in the office..haha

    I say the same thing every year - not watching that again - just a bunch of wannabe weirdos - then end up watching the whole thing because it IS total car crash tv! Probably will again this time especially since its the last one :oops:

    Original Poster least they're not surviving for too long in tv-land..I guess I'll see what they're gonna do..going by the commercial, former peeps are going back in?

    I'll be there, never missed a series, was hooked from series 1 and will watch to the end.

    I really do hope some other station will pick it up and do it justice cos Channel 4 have just ruined it by switching off the live feed.

    never watched a single episode, so I will not be watching this one either....good riddance to bb hopefully e4 will start to put some decent programmes on now

    Me and My hubby are thinking the same and was only saying that last night about weather we should watch or not?

    [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="7"][COLOR="Red"]YAWN!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :cry:

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