Big fire in London?!

    Looks like a huge cloud of black smoke somewhere east (Hackney??). Anyone know what it is? Can't see anything on the news


    i thought that was normal in London

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    Yeah it's a heck of a carbon footprint

    look on bbc website
    "LATEST: Large plume of smoke seen rising from fire in east London. More soon."

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    Thanks ryancs - I must have beat them to it as I checked before posting hehe

    It's in Stratford.

    Not believed to be terrorist related.

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    Reuters -
    Explosion reported in East London, witnesses see thick black smoke

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    Here's a piccy

    Pic link does not work for me?


    Here's a piccy


    LONDON (Reuters) - A cloud of thick black smoke was seen rising into the air in east London on Monday and police said they were investigating reports of a possible explosion or fire in the capital.

    London fire brigade said they had been called to a fire in the Stratford area of the city. Six fire engines were at the scene. "We have had a number of calls about an incident in east London," a police spokeswoman said. "We don't have any more information.

    (Reporting by Kate Kelland )…112

    BBC 24 breaking new. TV

    I hear its a warehouse fire.....

    But.... that looks like a still taken from the movie, independace day :lol:

    do you think those 2 crane drivers are having the worlds biggest imagineary a sword fight with there jibs (is it called a jib)

    ]] Huge fire at Olympic site

    A large plume of smoke is seen over east London as firefighters tackle a blaze at the 2012 Olympic site.


    Here's a piccy

    Cheers :thumbsup:

    Zomg it's a firez!

    Will keep an eye on the news...

    its funny (not in that way) cos im in the citigroup tower building, working (obviously lol) and im looking out toward the gherkin but cannot see a single bit of smoke. I went to the tv and it said live. Am I missing something !!?!

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    You must be blind Cyrus! Look at my pic you can see number one Canada through the smoke (just to the right of the barbican and left of the gherkin)

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    Here's a gallery on bbc now:…tml

    ok im blind - still cannot see anything lol. Oh well ill take everyones word for it

    p.s: maybe im too far away from smoke to see it.

    Are you in a broom cupboard? :shock:

    Looks good from the 5th floor of my building in Old Street.

    Pudding Lane.....
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