Found 1st May 2008
Three sisters, Monica, Phoebe and Fanny are all invited to a party, so they go to buy new dancing shoes. Monica comes home with a new pair of size 7 stilettos, Phoebe buys a pair of size 8 strappy sandals but poor Fanny, who takes a manly size 14, is forced to go in men's brogues. At the party, Fanny sits alone in the corner, watching her sisters hoof it up on the dance floor.
While they're dancing, two men approach and point down at their feet: 'Wow, those are huge!' one of the men exclaims.
'If you think those are big,' replies Monica proudly, 'wait till you see our Fanny's!'

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:-Dlike it kidda:w00t::w00t:

lol haha!!


lol :-D

I didn't see that coming... Lol.

long day

light relief!

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