Big hat for a Big headed buffoon!


I am desperately seeking a Trilby or Pork Pie hat for my rather large head! There are lots of places selling what they call XL, but they are only 61cm. I really need a 64cm hat, but would happily take a 63cm if thats all I can get.

Have looked all over - hoping you guys might be able to help somewhat!


PS - Price less than £50 if possible, colour - black preferred, but open to suggestion.

Ta muchly!


Seriously, have you put '64cm Trilby' into google because I have and loads of places come up.

Original Poster

yes plenty of times, then when you drill through none of them are 64cm, of the very few that are are awful. I wouldn't post here if I hadn't tried.

just been on ebay put in 64cm hats they have a few styles may be not what you are looking for worth a try:
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