Big house spiders

    Why are house spiders getting bigger. This little **** just walked past me…jpg



    links dont work in the opening post. thats a small spider, its your plugs that are huge !
    Edited by: "richp" 2nd Oct 2010

    we've had a load of big ones lately - mst've been the conditions over summer.

    spotted a large-ish web spider outside my window today having a tussle with a big stupid bluebottle that had got stuck in the web - spider was half the size but guess who won...................

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    Thnx Richp....I hope it's not the baby!

    That's big? lol

    I've only ever saw a big one here, was so fast also.


    Calmed down up here lately.

    It's either season-passed up here, or that stupid spider repellent thing actually works after all.

    thts little compared to mine i dont stick around long enuf to take pics lmao

    We keep getting huge ones in the house - my daughter is currently in my bed cos theres one in her bedroom and hubby isn't home to 'encourage' it to go outside! And I'm being a bad mummy and hiding downstairs cos I'm terrified of the things!

    I don't get any in mine at the mo as the cat get them.

    They don't like conkers? Right, I know what I'm doing tomorrow!!
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