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Found 23rd Oct 2005
We are looking to kit the whole family out with Ipod's. We probably have around £500 to spend as the consequence of little bonus at work that I would like to see buy something nice rather than get frittered away.

I need something just for music and compatibiltiy with the rest. Size is not important, and I would be happy with whatever

My wife needs a 60GB for music, but more importantly downloading photos when on holiday without having to lug around her laptop

The kids (x 4) just need something robust and simple to keep them quiet on long trips and (hopefully) to chill out to rather than argue3 with each other.

Can anyone recommend what the best combination of models might be eg something at 60GB at 5 x whatever offers the best value and robustness.

Also given the different specs on the kit, am I going to be able to get a bulk discount that 6 purchases normally entails

Thanks in advance
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Sorry just reread post noticed rather important typo. Budget is £800 not £500. (curse my fat fingers).

Although a bit outside the scope of this forum,if anyone has ideas for a cheaper alternative for the kids (& my) Ipods, then I will listen. The 60GB has to be an iPOD, because it just DOES OK :-)

Do you want the 60GB iPod Video? or would the last generation photo iPod be ok? I think your budget is big enough for the iPod video but just asking
i wouldn't recommend the nano for the kids, i mean, if adults are scratching and breaking screens, what chance does a kid have?

i think the second gen ipod mini (better battery life) would be the best for the kids, and just a ipod photo for your better half

ebay would be the best place to buy, there are a good selection, used and new, but then hey, i'd recommend most purchases on ebay
My wife needs the 60GB photo, not the video.

Me and the kids could even do without it being an Ipod (I know that's a different discussion though)


If you like the look of these: Archos 3Gb Mp3 Players HUKD Thread Here by using the discount code for £15 off a spend of £100, from the voucher section above. Plus the extra Advantage Points this week. The total for one delivered is around £73
Hey Rayman - like the look of the Archos deal - so much that I bought the company :-). I got one for a try out, and will be back for more if it works as well as it looks.

That will be me and the kids sorted, so just the iPOD to source now.
If anyone is interested best deals on ipod 60GB, 5th gen, photo white were:

John Lewis £249 (but sold out)
Amazon £270 (in stock)
Curry's £279 (extra £20 discount with coupon, but also sold out)

Over and out from me - thanks for your help
That John Lewis one is a good find to keep an eye on as there are usually £10 vouchers you could use! too bad it's out of stock. I'm surpised it's so cheap at JL actually...
You can leave your e-mail address and they will (apparently) notify you when its back in stock.

Should give you time to get your £10 vouchers lined up. :-)
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