BIG Mobile Phone request

    Hi, my Mum for Christmas, requested from me a mobile phone, but as she is long sighted, and dislikes wearing her glasses, wants a phone that has bigger keys and a decent screen, as she's blind with no glasses, my Sony K810, and Samsung Soul she tells me are simply a no no, and a one for ideally less than £40 would be great

    The only phone I can really think of is the old Nokia 5110, but that is basically a brick

    Hope somebody can help


    You'll find all you need to know here…csp

    I think samsung phones are good at the moment as you can make the text size bigger or smaller when reading a message by pressing sideways on the joypad thing.
    Not sure really what else unless it is very basic and a bit of a brick.
    I guess some of the motorola phones have quite big keypads.
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