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Hi guys, was about to buy the sony in the hot deals section, but then realised that it seemed quite expensive for just 4GB.

So now it's got me thinking. What is the biggest and best MP3 for around the same price (£60-130).

I have never had a proper MP3 so thought i'd treat myself. Needs to have a large capacity (depeneding on price, between 8gb - 40gb) as I have a lot of music, a good make with good reviews, and also a good garentuee.

If you wonderful lot could suggest some ones, i will look into them!

Thank you


The ]pink 8GB sony is good value, although you may not want pink! Play have a silver one for £100.


Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

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Yer not bad, but for £30 i would probably go with the speaker set, then flog it on ebay or something!

Any others? I ned an answer soon, because the argos promotion runs out today!!

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i love sony cameras and laptops and phones, but their mp3 players honk.

this looks way better:


or else if you want more capacity (but it'll be hard disk rather than flash) then creative zen 30gb for £130-ish amazon again?

This 30gb one slightly above your price range at £139.11

Seems to be mostly good reviews


Its a bit cheaper at Play (£134.99) but not in stock


There was a post on here recenly where it was priced at £99.97 at Tesco but never seems to be in stock.



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Ah the Zen looks tempting, especially at £99.97!!!

Will keep an eye on it, thanks jim
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