Big pockets Audica MP1

    I bought some of the speakers , is there a problem with them, are they graded, they work fine , just would like to know why all discussion about these seems to be stopped in their tracks by the post police.

    And no it has not really been discussed in the previous posts, just a few vague comments.

    what is the deal here (if anyone is able to get a reply in before the post get locked down)




    Bigpockets were temporarily suspended from promoting on HUKDs while we ironed out some issues, hence their threads being removed. Everything is sorted with them now so they're welcome on HUKDs again.

    The comments on this product in a previous thread were off topic (had nothing to do with the OP question) so they were removed too :thumbsup:

    Why did you need to start this thread again, when in your last thread the original discussion thread was pointed out? Please read your last thread.


    Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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