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    Am looking for a large suitcase (larger than 70cm) for my trip to Paris next week. We are gonig for 12 days so will need lots of space and my current one is just not up for the task! Anyone know any shops that sell bigger suitcases (am in Blackpool btw)....?


    When next week?

    Hard or fabric?

    Colour preference?

    Wheels wanted? what kind of suitcase?

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    [QUOTE=schizoboy]When next week?

    As cheap as possible

    Hard or fabric?
    Fabric probably as it tends to be lighter

    Colour preference?
    Not bothered

    Wheels wanted?
    Yes, please!

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    will have a look in woolworth's, tesco, instore and wilkinsons tomorrow.....

    tesco direct let your reserve at your local store to pick upand will give you the date it'll be there by.

    needs to be a tesco extra with that facility though.

    Cheap suitcases are everywhere.

    Catalogue clearance stores seem to be full of them, at least where I live anyway. There's a Littlewoods clearance store (Hitchens, not sure if it's called that nationwide) which is full of them. I think there was a 3 piece suitcase set for £16.99.

    Take a trip to the town centre and check those stores.

    [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]I go to [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]TK Maxx[/COLOR][/SIZE] for suitcases :)) I got my wonderful [COLOR="Red"]Ralph Loren[/COLOR] there for £39 (RRP £180) and most comfy, sophisticated and luxurious [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]Piquadro[/COLOR] backpack for £39 (RRP £160: check it out ]HERE)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"]I have never been so pleased about the suitcases so much yet; I recon I'm becoming suitcaseaholic[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] :w00t:

    [SIZE=2]Matalan also has good offers on fabric cases[/SIZE]

    Suitcases are half price at matalan at the moment, just bought one for £13 - slightly smaller than you need, but there are larger ones also half price

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    thanks to everyone for their help... am going to have naother fly around the shops today.... went to asda yesterday; they had a 71cm one for £12 but looked a little small. Saw a 75cm in instore for £18, but again seemed deceptively small! TK Maxx only had really dear ones (£39.99), so am gonna try Matalan this afternoon and the larger Woolworths in town as the one I went to yesterday noly had cabin luggage in stock! thanks to all people who've helped!

    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Yeah, it's a matter of luck to find good stuff in TK Maxx as they go quickly :? [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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