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Found 17th Dec 2010
I'm kinda making my mate's christmas pressie.
I've bought lots of old fashioned sweets and goodies and am now looking for a nice tin, preferably with sweets on it to put it all in.
If i dont find anything, i guess i'll have to use some sort of box but would prefer a nice tin.

Have searched around and can't find anything.

Can anybody help please?

Many thanks.
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just pop to Home Bargains, buy some Celebrations for £2.49, empty and eat contents, then use the box!
Sounds like a plan but no Home Bargains near me lol.

I'd like some sort of old fashioned tin rather than a "new age" one if poss or just a tin with pics of sweets on.
Thanks for the idea tho
Loads on ebay, some in IKEA (not printed with sweets), or how about glass jars, again from IKEA

Not a tin, but for my eldest dughters birthday last month I found a glass … Not a tin, but for my eldest dughters birthday last month I found a glass storage jar from Asda for £1, proper old fashioned jar with a twisty lid, filled it full with Haribos etc for about £5. She was so pleased, got to do the same for my youngest on Xmas day, but she wants chocolates, got questions asked at the checkout today when I was buying 20 freddo bars,lol

That is what I would go for, a jar rather than a tin, even a kilner jar would be really nice
Ikea have various Jars and tins that may do what you need.

Thanks guys.
Unfortunately no ikea near me.
Will have to try and look out for some jars but i need a really big 1.
I've got all different kinds of sweets so would've preferred a big tin or fancy box.
would say Ikea is your best x
You could try the supermarkets and have a look at the cake storage tins there? I know that Sainsburys do them, though they come in sets and might be a bit too expensive. Amazon also have them, but don't know if you would get them in time.
B&M have tins..
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