Found 6th Dec 2016
My wife teaches visually impaired children and has set me a challenge.
One of her pupils is a very keen and able table tennis player but unfortunately his eye sight is deteriorating rapidly.
This means he is struggling to see the normal sized balls and is being forced to give up on his passion.
I wondered if anyone knows where she can get some large table tennis balls that may prolong his love for the sport.


you can get flourescent coloured balls , would this help ?


Don't know if these would be any good … Don't know if these would be any good here

Was just gonna post those first ones!


here a normal colour one if the orange ones wont cut it…tml

They are a bit pricey but you can get 55mm orange table tennis balls here which may be useful both for size and enhanced visibility?…ls/

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Thanks everyone, they look great.

Would ball pit type balls work?

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Would ball pit type balls work?

​Thanks,but not sure if they will bounce properly.

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joedastudd seems to be balls … seems to be balls specifically for visually impaired people.Failing that

​Thanks, but I can only find visually impaired tennis on there
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