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Found 20th Nov 2016
Hi All,

I need to buy some warehouse staff some tins/boxes of something for Christmas.

Tesco doing Rose's for £4 a box isn't too bad, but these are mostly lads and nerds/gamers.

So I reckon those Swizzel tins for £7.60 a pair (750g) on Amazon is pretty good. However, because I'm buying 20ish,are there any better deals? Any of cool sweetie style tins of something going? I thought about Millions, but the 2.2kg jar is like £12-17 a time.

Need some inspiration people

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regards tubs of sweets @ tescos

m&m ones
sweet shop

All look cool, I got sweet shop one last year for someone it was small retro selection in there which would suit your recipents and nice tin maybe less sweets than you expect though, keep an eye of weight to make sure your getting value for your money and don't forget alot of these will have reviews on amazon incase you want to see what the public think of these

Edited by: "potatokid" 21st Nov 2016…506 there's these in B&M and if you purchase on Black Friday there is 10% off everything

A cash bonus can be spent anywhere and will not necessarily show on their waistlines.

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Are they available in store too?


Are they available in store too?

They do have big sections in store for food gifts, suppose it depends if its popular, you could ring your local store and ask, or ask on facebook if they can check stock, tbh looking at the shear amount of food gifts, if they didn't have what you wanted there maybe other stuff…ery

do people really like that cheap ass retro chalky rubbish?
whats wrong with some good old celebrations/heroes?!
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