Big Tube of Blue Smarties

Found 21st Jan 2011
I have tried all over to get the giant tube of blue smarties (not mixed just blue) i wrote to nestle who said yes they are in production - look for them ...well i have looked and looked and got my friends to look to no avail
i want them for a baby shower party ( yes it is a baby boy) i can find the big tubes of mixed and pink but no blue
if anyone knows where they are selling them please let me know
and if they could actually post me it that would be great to
my daughter is a teacher in egypt and chocolate is very exp over there so i thought this would be a great ideal for the shower party in 6 weeks time
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I have seen them in poundland, but that was before xmas, I havent looked since.
thanks have tried there as well near me xxx
I dont know where you are of if you can order online, but i got some from the manchester city football store at christmas in a tube?

obivously you would have to put them in a different tube or box
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HI i wrote numerous times to nestle who make them and they could not tell me where they are selling them nor would they sell to me directly - believe it or not !!!
i live in the north east near scarborough so manchester is a long way away thank u for yr help tho
Good luck if you find them....there must be some out there somewhere...will keep my eyes peeled now
thank u hun ..........so do i hope i find them to ??? perhaps there is a mysterious person out there who is buying them all up xxxxxxxxxx lol
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