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Found 1st Dec 2005
As i said on another topic I was going to buy after Christmas when prices went down a larger TFT monitor for my daughter who has a visual impairment but now Dell is doing 26" for £363 -i thought I'd only affords say 20". ButI am not sure about it being 25mm refresh rate-do not know how much difference it all makes? Been advised TFT is better as she has a focus problem so less flicker but not sure if the Dell one would be good or if there is something better even if only 20"? or if after xmas is still a good idea? for better prices.

Advice please-so far had great buys on advice from this site-Thank you
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The refresh rate on a TFT is actually response time, so there isn't any flicker as such, so it ought to be ideal. Also, the clarity of type is sharper than CRT. 25ms response time is fine if you're not using it for gaming. Surfing the web and general use should be much easier on the eyes.

It would be a good idea to get advice from SAVI or RNIB, they could have some helpful advice or special offer information.

Definitely worth taking a look in-store at some monitors before you buy though.
I am afraid this is not entirely true, rayman. There is flickering on TFT and many people suffer quite a lot from it. However, the reason for it is different from CRT ones. CRTs flicker because they have to refresh picturel TFTs flicker because of backlight lamp.

There is one important thing about which people tend to forget - TFTs are not flexible in resolution. That means, if you can buy big CRT (say, 21") you can easily set it at 800x600 if needed. You can't do the same with TFT! Well.. theoretically you can, but the picture will be . So, look at parameter called Native Resolution.

Focus has nothing to do with flickering on CRT BTW, picture is simply a bit blurred, which I agree, causes an enormous eystrain. As to sharpnes... doubtful, especially when talking about moving text or other objects.

How important colour is? No "fast" (read cheap) monitors is able to accurately reproduce colours. This is limitation of TN+film technology and there is nothing to do about it. You probably need to look at S-IPS (ouch!) or MVA/PVA monitors.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, the "mS" factor exists only in marketing people' minds. There is no such a thing as 3/4/8 mS monitors. It's a lie. The very fast TFT monitor in the world is Viewsonic VX924 and it is using special overdrive scheme to make it happen. Still it claiming 3mS and in reality it is about 12. Most of other monitors claiming 8-12-16mS and return something like 25-40mS.

And do not forget the "dead pixels" story...

So, to summarize, you need to specify the importance of following:
1. Colours reproduction (choose right matrix)
2. Picture size (choose right Nartive resolution)
3. Backlight (number of backlight lamps - must be better than 4)
4. mS

So.. my advise will be - to download Nokia Monitor Test utility, put it on diskette or USB stick, bring it to store and see whether your chosen monitor is OK for you.

UPD: What's Dell return policy? Can you unpack it, use it for a while and then reject?
Anything you order online can refunded providing you return it within 7 days.
Thanks for all that useful info Kommunist

I know you don't like Dell [I hear you choking on the word lol].

I think TFT or LCD would be a better solution for sight impairment though. There is [I think] a lot less of that eye strain flicker and the backlight bulb/light isn't as harsh on the eyes. I think text is great on TFT, as are most 2D graphics. I guess you lose some of the roundness or true arc in shapes [if that's a simple way of putting it for me :D].

Thanks Nomak for the Dell info too
Yeah, after having several Dell laptops, I don't have any good words for them http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/devil_2.gif

But that's not a case here - after all, Dell doesn't make screens themselves.
I recall similar conversation about TFT monitor for visually impaired on some other forum - that person wanted to get big screen and make resolution very low to be able to see things. Native resolution was major obstacle.
If Dell are OK with returns, then I would recommend to buy this monitor and use it heavily for a couple of days in different lighting conditions.
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