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Posted 12th Nov
As everybody knows, Black Friday is coming and I wan to ask you a question. What's the item you are proud of? It could be anything, from biggest bargain you got, from just something completely random. So please share your biggest bargain from Black Friday experience.
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The best was there was that glitch on the McDonald's app to get free food. Strangely I can't actually remember what happened but I put on about a stone due to having free McDonald's breakfast lunch and dinner for a week or so.
All my best deals I’ve had are never on Black Friday
Amazon, TH jacket for £15.84. They had went up as a lighting deal but they had glitched the price for a few minutes, never thought it would have been honoured but it was…995
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Best I knew and enjoyed was the first black Friday on Amazon. I got a kitchen aid £125 Nintendo Wii £50 . It was great fun also with clues of what the hidden items were.
Where to start lol.

£200 worth of boohoo man clothing for £5
Fifa 20 -2.99
Echo dot 3rd gen x2 for 99p each
Far cry new dawn for £5 at game
Modern warfare xb1 at game owing me £4.
TH shoes for £20 from £80.
Super dry jumper for 4.36 euros. They missed a 4 while on holiday lol.
And a few more I’ve forgotten
Found me warehouse deals spreadsheet when the 20% offer used to be good at the start.

3 free dishwashers from a Homebase kitchen installation
it's a random one but I bought a bike, thought Black Friday was a sign for me to invest in a new one.
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I don't know about you guys, but I tend to catch some pretty amazing service discounts. For example, last year, I got this one…384 also bought hosting from Hostinger with ~90% discount and ExpressVPN with quite a huge discount as well. This year I am planning to do everything pretty much the same as last year - just wait for the clash of different brands to find the best one for you.
I have never been a deal chaser. Probably just some random shoes or pc game
£2.50 for a king size bed and mattress from debenhams via HUKD several years ago, forgot to use the free delivery code though so it cost me £8.50 for two of them instead of a fiver, I also forgot quidco as well - just my luck Ended up a better deal than I imagined though as we was moving house the day they arrived and I sheared a bolt trying to undo it on our old bed that morning.
Over £1000 worth of stuff from the Hut group for sod all , when they had a Muller Yogurt code comp , that you could enter over and over again , and it would give you a voucher everytime up to £250 I gave £100s of pounds worth of vouchers away .
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