Biggest dissappointments this season

    Not my top 10. But what i have copied off a site. I reletivley agree with this. What are your thoughts?


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    10 - Anton Ferdinand
    It's a shame really. Anton is a perfectly good footballer, but will always suffer in comparison to his big brother. However, he hasn't exactly helped himself an awful lot recently with some slack showings. Poor form is excusable, but brainlessness - something that Ferdinand displayed in giving away a penalty against Burnley - is not. Steve Bruce reacted by promptly dropping him. It's no surprise that Bruce was so keen to buy centre-halves this summer. Away to Spurs with you fella...

    9 - Jo
    Jo received some very favourable notices for his performances for Everton last season, but two factors should be taken into account. Firstly, how badly his spell at Manchester City had gone, and secondly, Everton were just grateful to have a functioning specialist centre-forward. A record of five goals in 12 appearances is not to be sniffed at, but this season he has only notched in the Europa League against an anaemic AEK Athens, and a second-string Hull in the Carling Cup. The return of Louis Saha has provided a stark contrast in quality, and with Yakubu back as well, Jo will now be relying on injuries (not a bad tactic with that pair) to get any time on the pitch.

    8 - Jamie Carragher
    At the moment it is little more than murmurs and wonderings, but concern over Carragher's form is growing. Never the quickest, he has previously made up for his lack of pace with nous and commitment. While the latter will never be in doubt, his ability to read situations seems to have significantly declined, giving opposing sides an easy target to try and exploit with pace. He cannot grow complacent either - Rafa Benitez has proved that he can be ruthless, and with Daniel Agger returning, the unthinkable may happen soon.

    7 - Carlo Cudicini
    It's amazing what sitting on the bench for four years does for your reputation. While he was away from the scrutiny of weekly bombardments from the Premier League's finest, Cudicini was regarded as one of the best keepers in the league, with pretty persistent calls for him to declare himself as English as drizzle and disappointment and pull on the Three Lions. However, since stepping in for Heurelho Gomes this season, his deficiencies have been highlighted. Although Tottenham's defensive record is pretty good (ten goals conceded, six to Chelsea and Manchester United), his inability to convincingly command his area doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Gomes might be mocked, but he offers a good deal more assurance than Cudicini.

    6 - Michael Carrick
    At the start of the year, the central figure in Manchester United's midfield and chosen (admittedly in the absence of Steven Gerrard) by Fabio Capello to try and combat Xavi, Iniesta and Alonso. Now, a reasonable way down the international pecking order and very far from a first choice for his club (only trusted to start twice this season). All this is because of some increasingly lax performances, in which his previously languid but controlling demeanour began to look like laziness. Darren Fletcher is now the first central midfielder on Alex Ferguson's team sheet, and Carrick must fear that another creative midfielder will be top of Ferguson's shopping list come January/the summer.

    5 - Rio Ferdinand
    As has been mentioned on this website before, Ferdinand's error to give Craig Bellamy the ball for Man City's derby equaliser was unfortunate, but the way Bellamy so easily out-paced him was very concerning. It showed not a drop in form, but in fitness. The back problem that has troubled him for a little under a year now is becoming chronic, and according to bods more medically accomplished than us, is the root cause of his calf and hamstring issues. He has missed a bit more than two-thirds of United's games in that period, and if that ratio continues for the whole season then his participation in the World Cup is in doubt. Troubling for the finest English centre-half of his generation.

    4 - Petr Cech
    The man formerly known as the best in the world, it would be simple to argue that Cech hasn't been the same since that nasty shunt with Stephen Hunt's knee. However, it's tricky to deny that Cech is nowhere near the commanding presence he was a couple of years back. It might be slightly more accurate to trace his woes back to a calamitous error playing for the Czech Repulic against Turkey in Euro 2008, a mistake he repeated in Chelsea's narrow win over Stoke earlier this month. His suspension for Sunday's Liverpool game is a blow, but not the sort of setback it would have been in 2006.

    3 - Gael Clichy
    There were a few reasons why Arsenal fans weren't crying themselves to sleep over the departure of Ashley Cole a couple of years back, and one of them was Clichy. And for a while, he lived up to that promise, slotting in and filling Cole's boots easily. However, his performances have markedly declined, particularly in the early games of this season, leading some Arsenal fans to suggest he step aside and allow Kieran Gibbs a chance. This would probably not be a long-term solution, more a kick in the pants for a man who seems to have grown complacent, but it might just do the trick.

    2 - Cesc Fabregas
    Since an imperious display against a dreadful Everton on the opening day, Fabregas has been slipping further and further out of form with every game. It could be the sort of dip that even the greatest suffer, or more likely it is a still young man in desperate need of a rest. Remember that the 22-year-old Arsenal captain hasn't had a summer since 2007, and in that time he's played 86 club games (which includes last season's long lay-off with injury). Arsene Wenger now has enough creative talent in his squad (providing they all stay fit) to give Fabregas a breather, but will he do it?

    1 - Emile Heskey
    Although his value to the England team is still being debated by people who haven't been paying attention, Heskey will be on the plane to South Africa next summer. Well, that's the theory anyway. Even though Heskey clearly makes England a better team, will Fabio Capello be able to take a player who - as looks likely - will have spent a good portion of the season on the bench? It's not that Heskey has been particularly bad for Villa, more that his inclusion throws the balance of the side. If a 'big man' is required at Villa Park, John Carew does the job, so where for Heskey? Certainly not playing on the left wing, as he was asked to do on Saturday for a spell. If things stay as they are, it's perfectly plausible that Capello will prefer Carlton Cole at the World Cup.

    Biggest disappointments this season??

    Don't know yet......

    Biggest disappointment last season would be that it wasn't as sunny as they predicted :thumbsup:

    lol after 6 games.

    Santa Cruz he's not scored yet :whistling:

    Robhino, not playing very well. :whistling:

    Downing, what a waste of money he was :whistling:

    Biggest Dissapontment was to be told i would be playing Defensive Mid

    KFC only scoring 20 goals in his first 3 matches.


    lol after 6 games.Santa Cruz he's not scored yet :whistling:Robhino, not … lol after 6 games.Santa Cruz he's not scored yet :whistling:Robhino, not playing very well. :whistling:

    Santa Cruz has played only 10 minutes not 6 games!

    lol i see now
    Robinho is injured!

    a footie thread?!

    I was mislead.. makes a sharp exit..

    Pooh I thought they meant quality and quantity :oops:


    a footie thread?! I was mislead.. makes a sharp exit..

    me too ! i was going to post that me tomatoes wernt as good as last seasons.
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