Biggest TV for around £200?

    Hi, I am looking for the biggest TV possible for around £200?



    I have a Toshiba 50" for sale. I will accept the best offer over £200. I think from memory it is a 50WH18 (but can confirm for sure if anyone is interested).

    For this you will get the TV, the stand (which cost more than £200) a pair of Eltax speakers and two sattelite toshiba speakers. I also still have the original manual somewhere and will dig this out for the buyer.

    All in excellent condition. This truly is a great TV.

    Collection only or may be able to deliver at 50p per mile (all money's must be cleared prior to any such delivery).

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    I think so too!

    You don't mean my offer looks to good to be true do you?

    This is a rear projection and whilst a good price it is hardly unrealistic.

    I will be ebaying soon so let me know if you are interested or not.

    I have had this TV for over 6 years and have only decided to replace this week as we had money for Christmas and saw a good deal on here for a Panasonic Plasma.

    Over to you..........

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    axxxr, what size are u looking for exactly?? there was a deal on a tv 32" … axxxr, what size are u looking for exactly?? there was a deal on a tv 32" beko which was £200 but thats expired, u might b looking at 28" max??

    Well preferbly a 32" which would be great!

    Not fussed about make and model, just need any big TV.

    [url][/url] has the 32" Beko at £279.

    would rather have quality over size,how close do you sit to the screen when watching it,its a pretty important factor.
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