Biggest TV i can get for £300?

    I am after a big TV for not a lot of money so want something as big as possible for £300 max!



    32", maybe a 37"
    dont really have any links but seen em around this price in these past few months

    32" looks to be the biggest

    If you could have gone to £400 you could get a 42" Plasma

    we bought a new samsung 50 inch tv.its within the packing.bought it to take it to my country.But they are expensive.but i bought it for 700.Its was in offer.anygood for you.

    you'll get a 37" hd 'ready' for under 300 quid, wont be a brilliant brand though. you might get lucky and get 'full' hd 32 branded tv for 300

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    Yeah seen that Sony but was after something bigger?


    Yeah seen that Sony but was after something bigger?

    Not for £300 you won't.

    In 2010 it's better to get a 1080p and be 'future-proof'

    For £399 you can get a good 42''…htm

    For £375 you can get a Bravia 32''…_ce

    Quite good if you want closer to your budget…294

    Otherwise get this if you must insist on not getting a 1080p TV…y-f

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    Thanks! :thumbsup:
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