Biggest/Best tv for ~£300

    ok so in my bedroom ive basically still got like a 12" BUSH telly/video combo. i love it to bits but i seriously need to upgrade.

    whats the best kind of tv i could get around the 300 mark. im talking biggest or best value for money. anything. im willing to go over and under depending on the quality of the deal. also bear in mind i'll probably be playing either a ps3 or xbox 360 on it soon enough.


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    Evesham 26" LCD HD Ready TV £249.99 and £12.50 can be got if brought thru quidco

    can get a 32" Hanspree for £300 from Ebuyer Supposed to be a decent TV

    Sharp 26" with 5 years warranty.

    £500 on John Lewis... price matched to Empiredirect (check price online).

    Did it a couple of weeks ago for my nanna for £269.

    Sorry to butt in on this thread.

    I was in JL the other day and asked about price matching. The guy said they only price match with other stores like currys/dixons but not with online stores as they are always gonna be cheaper. Also, despite reading on other threads that JL price match and give you an extra discount on top of that, the guy once again said that they didn't do that.

    Have policies changed? Or did I just talk to someone who didn't have a clue? Because I spotted a telly that would be perfect for the living room :thumbsup:

    Ebuyer £300 hanspree 32" imo.

    Seen a 37" one and it dealt with scart better, than my Samsung and looked great.…spx

    Its a 27" Hd ready Tv. The Tv is fantastic, just read the reviews under the product description. Its great with a PS3 or 360 and I think its around £280 with delivery. The delivery is excellent I recieved mine within 24 hours of placing my order.

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    cheers for the tips. keep them coming.

    saw the hanspree 32" on ebuyer which seems good enough but out of stock. then theres the 37" for like £370 which also seems like a good buy.

    Hanspree or Mirai tv's get a pretty good review for budget LCD's.

    ]Directtvs, the same company as laptopsdirect whom I bought a laptop from no problems, have two 32" TV's for £299.

    Hannspree 32 Inch JT01 LCD


    Mirai DTL-332M200 - 32 Inch LCD TV

    The Mirai was going to be my choice to use with my 360 before I decided to save for a larger set.

    hi there i am in a similar situation and personally i am hoping for, looking to get a hd crt samsung as supposedly they are meant to be bringing out some new ones before xmas, then you get a premium brand, a good size hd telly and will hopefully be somewhere in the £300 region.


    thats my input anyway!

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    is the Hanspree 37" better value for money than the 32" because i think id be willing to pay the difference if its worth it.

    also, this is a huge long shot, but does anyone know of ANY 42" for around this price mark?
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