I've seen some Belkin 8 socket switchable surge protection leads at BigOffers, 8 quid seems good, however, reading reviews on here it seems BigOffers can be problematic to deal with, and someone mentioned a 'Belkin Fiasco' - so, despite it being a good deal should I swerve?


    I have ordered plenty off of them recently and have had no problems whatsoever.

    Really. I have heard some bad things about them, hopefully they have got there act together now

    I've ordered twice and been let down twice, never again.

    is big offers a new cover for "in administration" cdiscount? looks identical?

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    I've ordered twice and been let down twice, never again.

    Hmm, that doesn't sound good - care to elaborate on what the problems were mate? - The first reply made me keen to order, not so sure now!

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    Does anyone else know of a similar off to this then:…=0&

    Somewhere more reliable! - Doesn't have to be that shape but does have to be 8 sockets, switched and surge protected, and I need two

    Other than that I saw some other bits and bobs I'd get at the same time, but nothing I'm overly fused with.
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