Bigpockets bag of crap - what did you get?

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Found 13th Apr 2008
Searched and sewarched for the bigpockets bag of crap deal - nothing.

Where did the thread go?

And, more importantly, what did you get?!?!



4 x Samsung AA Batteries
a Pack of Photo Paper
a Marshmallow Maker
and a VOIP Phone

For some reason I got 4 things!

If you dont want that marshmellow maker - im here

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how come the thread got removed?

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v2drinkers;1885259****-2-99-5-99-p-p/Is this …****-2-99-5-99-p-p/Is this the one


this is it:…ck/

hard to find due to ****** search on this site!

I got

VOIP phone
2 nokia in car chargers
toshiba sd memory card
spindle of DVDs
metal cd carry case

Did any of you have to pay for delivery?

No we purchased some headphones that came delivered free - and then got 5 pairs of in-ear headphones in our bag of c**p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wooo! bag of **** is back

Just ordered mine - can't wait to see what's in it!

I would have ordered a bag o **** but its like £5.99 for delivery on top. I thought Big pockets had free delivery

ordered mine this lunch time... am i likely to get it tomorrow?

i ordered one yesterday aswell,
i wonder what is going to be in bag o' **** 3

Looks like I'll have to wait 'till monday to find out.

are we taking bets on the number of cd cases and car adapters?

Mine came today - I got:
CD/DVD case to hold 400 discs
50 pk CD Jewel case inserts
50 pk Blank DVD-R's
and rather bizzarely, 1 x Duracell "D" battery...!
The greeting card kit that I ordered to get free delivery looks ok too, the whole haul isn't bad at all for less than a tenner... recommended, even if just for the fun of opening it to see what you've got!

I got:

50 CDRs
4 AA batteries
1pk of A6 photo paper - 20 sheets
1 Digital TV thing to plug into computer.

Good fun.

We got
Spool of 100 CDRs
One of those huge CD wallets - the 400 CD one.
and 50 CD inserts.

Not bad for £3!

My haul from BoC3:

400 CD/DVD Wallet
Spool of 10 DVD+RW
50 CD Inserts

400 cd wallet
50 cd inserts
5 mini cd-r's
Bit disappointed, was hoping for some quirky random gadget that I had to work out what it did. Never mind though - actually needed a CD wallet so £2.99 well spent.

I got:

1 Scart lead, black
1 4 pack of Samsung pleomax AA batteries
1 100 spindle of DVDrs
1 USB skype phone

My Dad, on the other hand, got:

1 DVD case, cracked
2 Scart lead, black
1 10 Spindle of DVDRs
1 4 pack of Samsung Pleomax AA batteries

Hard luck dad!

aww i haven't got mine yet... wen did you guys order?

I ordered on Thursday, sufficiently late to prevent it being dispatched until Friday

ordered bag of C*** with some other bits i wanted and got a bag o C***

cheap scart lead
4 cheap batteries
10 cheap blank DVD's
and a clear DVD case

might of got 4 things but wouldnt say i was very impressed

have seen comments from some that have been happy
i can only say dont expect too much and like me you wont be too disappointed

Got mine this afternoon, ordered Hanging Harry (Wife wanted him for the bathroom) for the free delivery and a box of 50 Ridisc Lightscribe CDRs.

B. O. C. 3

Memorex CD Jewel Case Inserts (50 Pack)

2x 10 Pack of Xidex DVD-Rs

DVD/CD Case for 400 Discs.

I'm impressed, all 3 items are very useful, especially the DVD/CD Case ;-)

Mine arrived this morning and I am well pleased.

I received:

Metal CD/DVD case to hold 800 discs (I would have been happy with this alone)
2 hamburger CD cases (Likely to be going to the next school fete - unless someone wants to stake a claim on them)
3 DVD cases - badly cracked/broken and need to be thrown away
1 Philips Micro Jukebox - I am not sure whether this works or not yet, but I am sure that my daughter will be more than happy with the headphones even if the player is no good.

i got mine yesterday and it was a bag of c**p this time,
400 cd/dvd carry case and the zipper tag broke as soon as i opened the case.
a memory card reader
one tub of ten dvd's
one scart lead
and 2 size d batterys

So, what have people got in the latest May BOC. I missed it this time...

Still waiting for mine... City link attempting 2nd delivery today...
But I gotta go out now.. the swines... Wont leave it anywhere else.
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