Bike ~£100

    Both my lass and myself are looking to pick up a cheap bike for about £100 in the next few weeks, anyone got any knowledge of the area or any good deals youve seen?

    Obivouly there is Halfords, and going to pop to Makro, but any further help appreciated :santa:


    My advice would be for you to search out a second hand bike shop; at your price range anything you buy new will not be up to much.

    Here in south London I found a few and got a decent bike recently.

    Hope that's some help...


    New bikes for £100 are usually rubbish - £200 is more like it. If you've got a Decathalon near you they have a good value range of bikes including cheap ones. If £100 is definitely your budget then go 2nd hand.

    Bikes under £200 are rubbish and are not worth it like jbp said. Take a look at 'Specialized' and 'Trek' if you want to buy new, and could spare an extra £100ish. However if it is too much, and are intersted in buying used, then take a look at eBay and definitely [url][/url] (singletrack is a very good one and i reccomend it)


    ^ What they said, the cheap bikes are just that... cheap. You should really be spending atlest £250-300 on a new bike for it to be up to anything. I highly recommend a trek bike.

    Halfords is the worst place to buy a bike for both quality and price. I am assuming you are looking to buy a MTB and a good entry level one would cost about £299. There are several brands to look at for example Specialized, Trek, Kona and so on. If you cant afford one of these brand new your best bet would be to pick up a second hand one (and often you find very good deals on bikes in very good condition too) on Ebay for about £120.
    For these money you are looking for a Front Suspension and a good quality breand would also be much lighter.
    I like riding (both cycles and motorbiles ) and if you need more info please let me know more specifically your needs and I ll try to help as best I can.

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