Hi there,
    i was looking for a mtb costing no more than 150 around at decathlon/halfords and ebay...

    I need to use in town and sometime i dunno in the park etc...but mostly in town... what are the specs i have to look for.

    I was looking at like this one:…tem

    Is it a waste of money? Too much for the price?
    thanks for helping



    Why do you want a full suspention bike to use it in town? I think the one on ebay is a waste of money. A 20" frame is big and for people over six foot tall. At this kind of price range go for the lightest you can find from a recognised name. Look in shops for last years models at discounted prices.

    I know you want to look good but unless you have got £500+ to spend on a full suspention bike then you will look silly on cheap rubbish.

    If you can save another £100 it will go far on your riding enjoyment.

    But if your stuck around your budget have a look on gumtree or if you want a new one look at something like this. ]http//ww…290

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your suggestins...
    Can I ask what are the specs I should look after?

    ps: i'm actually 180cm so...

    Well at this price less is more.
    You wont get much help from the bike mags as they don’t recommend bikes at your price.

    So first look out for known brands as they wont sell dangerous bikes. If your not sure of what are big brands look in shops and mags, if they don’t sell bikes that cost over £1k then don’t buy.
    So you have your brands now look at frames. I’m 178cm and use an 18" frame, its good for road but a little big for off road for me. Look for 6061 and 7005 graded frames.

    Look for branded gearing shimano or suntour the more that’s branded the better. Make sure you get 24 or 27 gears as the rubbish is not made in these speeds.
    The front suspension should be rockshox or suntour. At this price less travel in the fork the better.
    Any other branded stuff is a bonus. Make sure you pick up the bike as remember the lighter the better, remember your legs will be pushing that along so the lighter it is the faster you will go for the same effort.
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