Bike much is this bike worth??

Posted 26th Jul
Hi all,

I have no knowledge of bikes and would appreciate Your advice.

I am new to cycling and looking for a bike for leisure purposes, probably get used on the weekends.

I have seen the below bike advertised for sale. It is a used bike but advertised ‘as new’, having been used for <50 miles apparently.

- Butler exile 600 urban bike.

How much is this bike worth? What would you pay

Any help appreciated. If you can recommend An alternative, I’m all ears!


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Have you done a search for:

Butler exile 600 urban bike

regarding cost new?
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I assume it’s an old model therefore not been able to find a price.

what would an as new bike cost? How much value would a bike lose…tml

£400 new here, don't know when it was discontinued so hard to say how much it would have depreciated in price but maybe £100-£150
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