Bike for 4 year old granddaughter

Can anyone recommend a good bike for my granddaughter who will be 4 next month.

I understand she will probably need a 14" and she is into Disney Princesses but the best prices are around £60 - £70 + delivery and then you have to build it yourself or pay a local bike shop around £25 to do it for you.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Try here.....argos.co.uk/sta…htm
I know its not disney princess but its pink and you get a free safety set as well :-D
Hope this helps a little :roll:

I have always bought my son's bikes from Halfords. Good prices and they put it together for free.
Plus at the rate they grow out of bicycles I have learnt it is not worth paying loads and loads of money for one.
At that age I would even look in the local paper - usually most bikes in the paper have not been used much and are in very good condition and people just want to get rid to make room for the next one coming in!!
I know I have given away bikes that have been ridden just a few times.:-(


Disney princess bikes do seem to retail at around £69. Woolworths have some cheaper pink bikes, & these are normally instore in the larger Woolworths. eg:



reduced to £39.99

or a more substantial 14" bike:



for £54.99

Good luck :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks for all your contributions.
I didn't realise Halfords put bikes together for free. I thought you would have to pay extra. I think this would be a good option as I would want to know everything is assembled correctly and the local bike shop charges £25 unless you buy their own bikes at extremely inflated prices.
The Woolworths & Argos deals were both worth considering too but requires self assembly.
Thanks everyone
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