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    I bought a bike around 4 years ago from halfords it wasnt properly assembled when i bought it and had a few close calls because they hadnt bothered to tighten everything on the bike, i finally thought i had it sorted then after a few weeks the left side pedal crank fell off completely worn and rung , i was that annoyed the bike has sat under the stairs since then got it up and running today but i need to replace the crank just would like to know

    1. are most cranks one size
    2. is it possible to buy the screw/bolt to hold the crank on

    the bike is an apollo excel from 2006 i have tried google and not had much luck thought i would ask here before signing up to a bike forum, also i know the bike is cheap crap but id still like to get it up and running as im not a serious cyclist and if anyone could recommend a decent helmet that would be great


    helmet id go for a giro or another good brand dont cut corners here as its your life mate
    look on wiggle or chain reaction cycles they do some good deals

    you got any pics is it the crank arm thats knackered or the bottom bracket???

    not sure mate to be honest but if you take the crank arm and the bike details with you to the bike shop NOT HALFORDS they should be able to advise let them no year and model etc and take the crank arm with ya

    buy a shimano crank, come in all diff version from cheap/expensive. cranks are in all diff sizes for all diferrent bottom brackets for bikes, the length of the crack arm varys to in length depending on what size you want it. you might need a new bottom bracket if you have woren the arm/link of it away as the arm of the crank got loose until it fell of and could of grinded away at it.

    The taper on the crank sounds like its FUBAR and will need to be replaced.

    Make sure the replacement is the same length (typically 170mm and should be stamped on it) and the taper has the same orientation (some are 45 degree, some are perpendicular - you'll know what I meant when you look at it)

    In terms of helmets, it's difficult to recommend a brand or model as they vary in shape and some will fit your head better than others.
    The thing to remember is that to be sold in the UK, the helmet has to have passed EN1078 which is the European standard for bicycle helmets. The US standard is CPSC which is a little more stringent.
    Usually the more you pay the lighter and better ventilated the lid gets.
    Most importantly, DON'T buy secondhand and DO buy from a shop where they'll help you get a helmet that fits you and make the necessary adjustments for you.
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