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    Hi everyone i had a 12 mth bike insurance policy with Dial Direct. I took the policy over monthly payments i had it running for 6 mths and wanted to do a change of vehicle ( this was expensive) to cut a long story short it was cheaper to get a new policy lose my years no claims and cancel old one. I did this and i recieved a letter saying "outstanding bal £75 inc future direct debits" it also said "that they were only asking for £20" as the direct debit was cancelled and payment late, this agreed to as it was my fault as the direct debit was under Amber Finance and didn't know who they were. Anyway I recieved a letter today from Dial Direct asking for another £33 as a change for cancelling the policy and if i dont pay they will seek debt recovery................

    When i cancelled the policy i made that monthly payment and i am not willing to pay the extra £33

    Can they do this????

    Are Baillffs likely to knock at my door????

    Any Suggestions



    Check the policy. Most insurance companies tell you that there is a cancellation charge, but this should be in the documentation they sent you.

    If they pass it to a debt collection agency, the price will go up as they will add their fees onto what is owed. Check quickly and then contact DD and talk to them about it.

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    All the old docs were threw out........daft i know

    I just can't see them doing it for £33 pound....are the just calling my bluff to see if i pay!!!

    Course they'll do it for £33. Most companies will seek recovery for a debt of £5 or more! :-D

    Call the company and ask to speak to a manager, bluff it and say you still have paperwork saying that all is paid and upto date.
    They should waive it for you.
    Also get a printout of your bank statement for proof also.

    Bads news Anthony.
    Bike insurance is loaded for short term policys and they could ask you for the short term charge not just the months you have used.
    Try a quote for 6 months online and you will find it is about the same as 12 months.
    You should have checked before you cancelled.

    yeah, they'll collect for anything. Especially in these recession times.

    For future ref - have you checked with your home insurer (if you need it)? I've got bike cover included and it only made around £10 difference in the annual policy.

    Original Poster

    good tip cheers...............I will ring them in mornin x take care all
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