bike insurance for Chinese 50 pre registered

Found 14th Aug 2017
my lad has purchased a 50 geared bike new and its pre registered so we have the registration number but its unknown on insurance databases i assume until its finalized the sale and dvla have been updated with make model owner etc so the quote is £630 bikesure tried a few numbers but funny enough they are all bikesure
is this pre registered thing normal and hence the quote ..
Sorry to be dumb here but ive never had anything to do with new vehicles
thanks in advance
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You can go on a comparison site (same as cars) to get bike insurance comparisons . Seems really steep to me (but I'm an experienced biker paying under £100 for a 650cc bike ) , you don't have to get the insurance through the dealer . Try Bennetts or Carole Nash - they are the main bike insurers . To get a quote you didn't have to wait for the DVLA details the make and model and cc would have sufficed .
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few things:

pre-registered isnt 'new' - its technically used but its a small technicality. however this shouldnt make the blindest bit of difference for the insurance.

(i am assuming its a 50cc moped/scooter based on your description)::

is he 16? is it a high claim area? has he still only got a provisional?

if yes to all 3, then the quote doesnt seem too far off. me in my early 20's for a 125 was best part of £500 on a provisional even with a full car license for over 5 years

if it was registered very recently this could explain why its not on insurance databases just yet - give it a few days if you can or ring up and try it
As per adamspencer95

Age/area etc will affect price
You could try Hastings Direct - I got my last insurance with them but I'm old and been driving for decades
Is it that the number isn't recognised or is it that the bike type isnt on the database?

Dont know if its the same for 50cc but there are loads of pre-reg 125s because of the new euro rules requiring abs/linked brakes etc. Non-compliant bikes were registered before they were sold to avoid the need to meet the new regs.
thanks ... ended up with £413 from lexham insurance but be sure to cancel the auto renewal
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