Found 30th Oct 2007
Anyone know where I can get a cheap bike lock, preferably online? Doesn't have to be a great one or anything.



Motorbike lock or bicycle lock?

Original Poster

Sorry - bicycle.


How many seconds would it take to rip off a £1 lock?

How much do you want to spend? Ive just purchased two locks one at about £29 and the other £40, both good, depends on the risk in your area and the value of the bike. The Silver Sold Standard seems to offer good protection at a reasonable cost. Look at…258

Be careful the lock I purchased was difficult to fit to the bike, in my quest for greater security, I forgot the size of lock in relation to where to fix it to the bike :-)

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More like £5-£10 I was hoping.

tescos had some alright looking locks for around that price £5.97.…=10

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