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Posted 1st Jun 2020
Good morning all
I brought a 400 pound bike yesterday because my old bike got stolen while it was locked up outside a shop now am just wondering if anyone would know a certain bike lock that I should buy that is good or maybe a tracker how do these work and where can I get them from
Thanks a lot
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Cheap gsm tracker under saddle or if size allows down frame tube like this tracker
Thanks And how do these trackers work
And what lock would you recommend
I'd suggest getting a Sold Secure gold rated U-lock as a minimum. I'd also look into the cost of insurance, you may be able to cover it cheaply on your home insurance, they'll probably require either a gold or silver rated lock at a minimum.

I have a Kryptonite New York lock, 16mm shackle weighs around 1.8 kg. The other locks that seemed good alternatives was one of the top end Abus Granite models can't remember if it was an extreme or x-plus, but it's shackle had a flattened profile which meant it could be a bit lighter than mine, but still resist bolt cutters. Another worth considering is an Onguard Brute as a budget option.

Make sure you remove the shackle and oil the locking bolts of any U-lock you buy before you start using it, as well as the keyhole, otherwise the bolts tend to seize up due to corrosion.
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After some research and weighing up the expensive vs cheap options, I got the OnGuard Brute D Lock under £30with a 16.8mm shakle.
It's really solid and well reviewed very happy with it.
Bear in mind even the best £100+ locks are brakeable with the right tools.
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Thanks a lot will order now the lock should I bother with tracking or leave it
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