bike or trike?

Found 20th Feb 2011
hi im thinking of getting me niece a bike or trike but im not sure which is best for her age, shes 2 and will be 3 in november. is a trike better to start off with or is she a bit to old for a one and better to get a bike.
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"balance bike" there great and she will get the hang of it and be riding a normal bike earlier…036
how about asking the parents oO
Personally I would go for a trike, my 3 year old boy only has a trike and he can't pedal it yet anyway, my niece is 3 in November and she needs to be pushed along, doubt she would be able to move a normal bike with stabilisers, they are all different though - so yeah I would ask the parents what they think
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im getting it as a surprise, i wanted to know what other people with kids similar age had.
I'd get a balance bike too.... means she will pick up cycling far easier like an earlier poster said
Definitely the balance bike.

A trike won't teach her to balance the bike which really needs to happen before she tries to turn pedals if she's going to learn to ride quickly.
Just given this to my son who turned 3 on Monday, He actually loves it, He has to have the seat low though as he only dinky still. But it will grow with him for a while as the stabilizers come off.

Sorry not sure what was up with link, But this argos number is what i mean - 3676682
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Get a balance bike, much better for getting them used to a normal bike.
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