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Found 27th Apr 2009

I need some help on repairing my bike, I have a GT Arrowhead thats needs a bit of TLC.

The gear part by the pedals has a couple of teeth missing which causes the gears to slip when riding, which makes the chain fall off - The casette i think its called - so is going to need replacing -

I also need to new tyres as the others are starting to get worn. I did have Maxis 190's Wormdrives on there but they were on when i bought it. They are 26 x 1.90 - Can i jusy replace it with another 26" wheel or does it have to be a 1.90 - im presuming its thet similar measurements to car tyres-

Could anybody recommend me a tyre and the cheapest place to buy them please!

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It doesn't have to be a 1.90 tyre, but changing it will effect how the bike rides. Some people are sensitive to this, others not.

You should ask this thread to be moved to "]Deal Requests" for cheapest prices.
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You should be able to use any tyres in the 1.75-2.2" inch range without problem (but wider tyres can be an issue on some bikes where they don't fit through the frame with enough clearance...)

If its the gears connected to the pedals (the 'chainrings') you need a new crankset really (it might be possible to change individual chainrings but best to get a new set). Unfortunately you will probably want a new chain and cassette (the 'rear' gears) as well as they will all be worn/strectched...

]Chain reaction cycles are very good for parts (they have free delivery!), I'd also recommend Merlin cycles and a few others, if you are prepared to buy the parts online and do it yourself. Unfortunately you need some tools for the jobs in hand - a crank remover, a cassette tool and a chain whip - and quite a bit of experience or patience and reading to do it all and set it up properly, so it may be best taking to a bike shop or someone who knows exactly what to do....

PS Personally I think misc was the correct forum - its more an advice request than help finding a specific deal...
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