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    Hey chaps, hopefully there are a few people who might be able to help.

    I wish to purchase a bike, now I've not ridden a bike in a number of years but it was one of the few actual activities have give exercise I enjoyed.

    Now I'll be honest and say I don't wish to spend too much say
    The bike itself will be used for on road, local park and some local rough ground so nothing too exciting for now.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Same as me. Here is the thread I got some help with.…265

    Still have not got a bike of my own yet. Someone said there was a site that was really cheap for ladies bikes but I cannot find it. Looking to pay less than £200 if I can.

    It's all the extras, like the bike locks which I am also looking at. Hard when you have not got a clue which types to go for.

    Surprised not as many cyclists on here as I thought there might be.

    I hope to be sorted by next weekend

    Original Poster

    Surprising considering the amount of comments made on the recent Asda/Tesco bike threads

    Thanks igli I shall give it a read.

    try the bike to work scheme (find it online) - a friend of mine has just ordered two folding bikes (good make - dunno what exactly) which he got for around 40% les sthan cheapest elsewhere - plus you pay in 12 installments apparently

    Many public employers also have schemes to encourage bike use. Mine offers loan which reduces overall cost of the bike. I think it has some tax advantages for them.

    Have looked at it and you have to use their nominated bike shops which are pricey to begin with. Collegue got bike through this scheme but it has cost him £300 (short trips to work and pleasure, no off road - just like me). I don't want to spend that much on a bike. They take the money out of his wages so there are some advantages if you don't have the money up front.

    This site looking really good. Lots of bundles (bikes with extras). Prices seem very reasonable. Wide range of stuff and well organised site.…kes

    Tesco & Amazon much cheaper for all the extras, helmets, locks etc.
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