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    OK. Who out there is sick and tired of cyclists illegally riding on the footpath, and having to move out of the way for them?? Who's sick and tired of them cycling through red lights because they know that GATSOs can't catch them and they are above the law? Who thinks its time that the Police cracked down on the idiots amongst the good cyclists who blatantly break the law, pay no road tax, cause tailbacks in traffic, cause accidents and are basically a pain in the backside? I don't hate cyclists, only those who take the ****!!


    someone needs to sit down

    Yup thats the great thing about being a cyclist, no parking tickets, no tickets for jumping a red light, can cycle on the pavement as you please, police just don't care, in traffic jams you can squeeze between the cars (although watch out for people snotting out their car or incase they flick a fag at you as your going past..

    Oh and I don't cause tailbacks as I do 30mph, If I cause a tail back its because they haven't been driving at 30mph through the other 30mph areas.. obviously......

    My favorites are dispatch riders though, they have their numberplates "secured" with thumb tacks, so when they park up on the pavement, they quickly whip the plate off, stick it in their bag and can't get a ticket, just pure genius!

    (and if there is a traffic warden outside, you jump on the bike, give them the birdie, zoom back to base and stick the plate back on that must've accidentally "fallen off".......)

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    Good for u Badass, but its those that come up behind you and ring their bells. Damn cheek!!


    Well I do ride on the paths, but i I see someone, then i will go onto the … Well I do ride on the paths, but i I see someone, then i will go onto the road to go around them, but with all the idiots in cars, i don't feel safe on the roads.

    If I use my bike then occasionally I use my bike on the path, but I don't cycle at more than walking pace if I go on the path, people tend to step out of no where!!

    (A good example is when it was peeing down with rain and a strong wind, It wasn't that safe to ride as I could hardly see f'all with the rain bouncing off my face and visability was poor (I also was wearing dark coloured clothes.) so IMO the path was the safest place, although again, at walking pace only.

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    Sorry, but when I was a lad, Mr Plod used to give my ass a good kicking for riding on the pavement. Cyclists who do it are split into 2 categories:- those who are polite and giveway/dismount for pedestrians, and those who just don't care. At the end of the day councils should provide cycle lanes or cycle paths. If they are so interested in the environment, this is the least they could do

    perhaps if car users were better drivers then people would feel safe to ride on the road we have plenty of bike lanes round here but cars just use them as a shortcut round the corner or to get around other cars.although i do agree that some cyclists do take the pee speeding along the path

    If you tell all the idiot drivers that there are cyclists on the road as well then I will happily ride on the road. I'm quite considerate though to be honest, in heavy pedestrian areas I more or less just start "scootering" on my bike instead.

    Trust me, if you annoy me off when I'm riding my bike on the road, like cutting me up etc I will, and have, caused a bit of cosmetic damage to the car.
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