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Posted 25th May 2020
Good morning, can anybody tell me if a size small bike would be suitable for a woman who is 5’4” in height with a 28” inside leg measurement. Different sites
seem to state different ways of sizing. This is the bike I’m looking at. Also interested in people’s opinions on an alternative bike around the same price. Thanks in advance…tml
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TBH it isn't possible to say yes or no because peoples proportions are different and bike geometry is differnt.

The only way to be sure is to try it. Decathlon have always had a good name for customer service I think.

You have three points of contact with the bike. Pedals, seat and bars. Pedals are effectivly fixed (sure you can vary the stroke slightly), but the seat can go up and down, (and front to rear depending on the slope of the tube) and you get slight front/back adjustment on the seat rails.
Bars can be rotated in the stem to give a little adjustment or you can fairly cheaply swap out the stem /riser to move the bars front/back and up/down.

All in all you can get a fair amount of adjustment. I find its easier to have a too small frame than a too big, because its easier to have longer stems/seatposts.
The best way is to sit on the bike in store but other then that use a size chart bike size is very personal
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