Bike suggestions required 13" frame anyone?

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Found 26th Oct 2009
Looking for any advice/suggestions on a MTb for a 10 YROLD
inside leg approx 25"

Seems to me that the better quality bikes at this size are extortionate in comparison to larger equivalents

By that I mean it seems that the top end bikes are available, but not the better value versions of the entry level stuff, that is available in larger (read more popular) sizes.

Unfortunately I think he is probably best suited to a 24" wheel bike and he does like the Carrera Blast 24" so thats the current favourite, but if a small frame 12/13/14(depending on make_ 26" wheel was available I would prefer that for longevity .

for refernce he stood over the apollo FS26 and it was 'squeeky voice' time with flat feet
so it really must e a 12/13 or low framed 14"...

There... a lot of waffle but hopefully enough info for suggestions
Oh and sub £300 Sub £200 better LOL, I mean I don't mind adding a bit for longer lasting and decent spec.
Initially road and school riding but hopefully light Off Road too....

ok Shoot away.....


The Mongoose Fireball is a stunning bike and a lot better quality than the slightly cheaper options ,…383

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Thanks for the recommendation Tony.

Does anyone have any knowledge of 26" wheeled bikes with the xs frame at all?
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