Bikepacking on a 26" wheel hybrid (Marin Muirwood)

Found 14th Apr 2015
So I've been a cycle tourer for years. Have ridden tandems, folding bikes, vintage racers, mountain bikes etc...
Those bikes have all been and gone - and I am now left with my 2006 Marin Muirwoods. It makes for a great touring bike (supple ride thanks to the steel frame/discreet colours/long chainstay/Deore components/bullet proof wheelset).

However, I'm now looking at all the bikepacker's that are touring the offroad routes of the world, and am thinking that's where I want to be taking my touring in the future. So my question; is it possible to add suspension to a bike such as a Muirwoods to make it into a typical bikepacking setup...or should I just stick on some chunky tires and stick with what I have?

Also, I have rim brakes rather than disc. I've never used rim brakes whilst cross country biking -- will they do the job, or am I asking for trouble?

Many thanks
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My model of bike;

Typical bikepacking setup;
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I'm fairly new to cycling (bought a single speed a few months ago for cycling to uni and messing about on trails). I went for the 29" chunky wheels to cope with the ridiculous potholes etc but that model was only in stock with v brakes and not disc brakes like I originally wanted. I haven't been on an intense trail yet but I've done off road stuff and haven't had an issue with the brakes at all. Obviously I'm a novice but thats my own personal experience so far.
Get some knobbies (make sure the bike has clearance for the width you choose) and try it out. Don't bother with a suspension fork unless you try riding without it and find that you really need one.
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