Biker boys can I borrow your brains a minute please

    Right bit sneaky but..........

    Tis hubbys birthday soon and he hasnt a bike at the moment,he wants a ZX7R,pref in the green/blue colour scheme

    Now if I had £2000 to spend what do you think I would get,mileage,condition and year wise?
    I have all his old bike insurance details (hasnt had a bike for 9 months) but he has 5 years no claims bonus,can I use his details to arrange insurance for him once i have found the bike? (still without him knowing)

    Do RAC or the AA inspect bikes before you buy them like they do with cars?


    Banned your area I wouldnt get anything like that

    Original Poster

    ODB_69;3934283 your area I wouldnt get anything like that

    ive already arranged a garage the other side of town to put it into

    just arrange insurance online, are good for prices :thumbsup:
    Insure my gsxr 1000 very cheap through them :thumbsup:

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    thanks for the link
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