Bill Bailey - Tinsleworm

    For anyone who's interested:

    Tinselworm comes to London town!
    Following a sell-out arena tour of the UK in 2007 and a sell-out tour of New Zealand and Australia in 2008, Tinselworm returns to the UK for a run at The Gielgud Theatre from November 10 - January 24, although with (it is assumed) at least some time off for him to spend some time with his nearest and dearest over the primary gifting period and auxiliary generosity zone.

    As in any Bill Bailey show, the subject matter is broad ranging; tattoos, marketing, doorbells, Emo, creationism, post-war banking secrecy, travellers' tales and the alternate reality that is Bill's world - spun together with the sparkling thread of a seasonal invertebrate.

    It has all the trademark Bailey elements; lyrical dexterity, tangential silliness and musical brilliance plus animation by award-winning film maker, Joe Magee, all of which combine to make this a verbal and visual treat.

    This will be the last time you'll be able to see this show before Bill puts it to bed.

    Remember...only the early bird catches the Tinselworm.

    For pre-sale tickets call 0844 482 5130 quoting "FURRY JAM HAT"


    Thanks - just sent this to my friend who is desperate to see Bill Bailey!:thumbsup:

    saw him may 23rd 2005 and he is just amazing! cant wait for the national tour!!!

    Sorry guys but i'm the opposite,...

    Saw him last year and he was really talented with his musical instruments but it got really repetitive with him playing the organ and talking about space stuff, couldn't wait to get out!

    never saw him live but saw it on tele... that guy..the troll one yeah?

    Original Poster

    Saw him at the Eden Project, he did the first comedy sesh there and it was hilarious, can't wait to see Tinsleworm, booked my tickets

    Agreed tremendously funny guy ... thnx for posting :thumbsup:

    I went to see Tinselworm last year and it's awesome. Everyone should go!

    Wicked! Just got meself 2 tickets for the GF's xmas pressie. cheers for the info!

    I went to see Tinselworm last year and it was awful. had I not been sat right at the very front I think I would have fallen asleep, but I didn't like to embarrass the little old man on the stage, he was trying very hard. Bless.
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