Billy Elliot London - Saturday Performance?

Found 15th Apr 2007
Hi All

To cut a long story short cousin's 13th birthday and we want to take her to this. Also looking for a hotel/apartment that would sleep me, boyfriend and my aunt and cousin....any ideas?
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Which part of London is the performance in? The west end?
We would want to go in July. Yes, it's in the West End. Think it may be Victoria Theatre? My aunt has a phobia about being alone (hence why we have to escort) and she even wants us all in the same hotel room (EEEKKK!) but I don't know if you can get one with two rooms...? Also scared of being ripped off by ticket touts!
PS Sat pm performance. And thanks ever so much!:)
Yes it's Victoria Palace Theatre. Just checked. We want to get her best possible seats. We live in a farm area oooop North and she has never before been to London!

PS Sat pm performance. And thanks ever so much!:)

Which Sat in July?
Any at all. We could even do August or September!
[SIZE=2]I've seen the show, its very good but be aware that the language is quite colourful in some parts, make sure that the childs parents are aware, so they know after the trip that they might have picked up the swearing from the songs and not you !!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I was surprised to say the least, I went to a matinee show with the wife and sat next to us were a family with 2 kids of about 10/11 years and they were mortified.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The theatre is bang opposite Victoria Station, no need to stay close to the theatre, stay somewhere well known and nice and jump a cab, in doing so your be adding about £50 to the trip and making it a real special treat.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Waldorf Hotel, Dorchester, Hilton - go on treat yourselves.[/SIZE]
Mu aunt does know. It is her idea. Like I said. The phobia thing means we have to go too! But thanks for the warning. I wish I could afford the treat but just bought a new house!!
You can book 2 rooms in a hotel and request that they are next to each other. Have a look at [url]www.show-and-stay.co.uk[/url] they normally have pretty good prices for a hotel plus tickets for a show. Top price seats are around the £60 per person mark + booking fee
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