Bindeez Recalled - Important Please Read!!

Found 10th Nov 2007
Half a million Bindeez children's bead kits are being recalled throughout the UK amid concerns that some products are coated with a chemical that converts to a powerful sedative when consumed.

If you have purchased any of these products please dispose of all beads at once in a sealed container in rubbish.

Call Recall Helpline: 0800 023 4529 (UK); 44 161 633 9808 (ROI)

and they will send free replacement beads.…se/…se/…QA/…QA/

I rang today and got very apologetic person who took all details and told me that replacements will be sent out asap.

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Thanks for posting Kim be honest I wonder how many parents would actually throw the beads away when stated they may contain "powerful sedative"...:|

It's awful! Are they the same ones that were related to the date rape drug in the last couple of weeks?
I'm glad I never bothered to buy any now,seems to be a lot of toys being recalled lately.
thank you so much for this, rep left for you xx
rep will be left great info thx
Thanks for the info, rang straight away having bought these for my son for xmas.
bumping this...

as been lots of offers on toys etc lately and someone may have these stashed in a cupboard for xmas

Good bump, I missed this. Just rang and they will replace the set I gave to daughter.
Good because we had made all the ponies and running out of beads.

Also, I just sucked a bead, ...I might keep them :lazy:
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