This is a bit of a strange request-but there's always a method to the madness!

    Do any of you clever, helpful people know of any free downloadable bingo-number generator programs?
    We are looking to hold fundraiser/bingo nights & the electronic bingo machines are v.pricey so I remembered on hols last year a guy had a program on his laptop that automatically brought up the numbers on his screen.

    i've trawled through google but to no avail- they are all demo's of expensive american programs that look a bit dodgy!

    Not after anything flashy- just a standard 1-90 bingo number generator that's reliable,easy to use & not too fast in bringing up the numbers for the er.... more mature players.

    Thanks in advance folks.



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    amcol;1580105,1000000375,39352324s,00.htm - think its a …,1000000375,39352324s,00.htm - think its a free trial not sure, but would work for a game or 2

    Cheers- - just d/loaded this one from the link- a trial version unfortunately-

    could really do with an unlimited one.Many thanks for the info anyway!

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    Quick search brought up ]Bingoware, free opensource software but I can't tell you if it's any good.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks guys- sorted now.

    Eyes Down!!!
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