bingo (and happy birthday chelle thread!!)

Found 11th May 2006
when is bingo on again?

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I'll probably (maybe) host one next week chelle, maybe the thursday or the friday. Keep your eyes open on the front page mid week. I'll have to check if there are any prizes available - or if we've used up all the kitsch already!!!

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Ok,i was hoping there was one tomorrow,as husband working shifts,and ill be on my own on my birthday :roll:


Happy birthday for tomorrow anyway!!! :pirate:

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awww thank you,getting old now 33 tomorrow


in 23 mins!!

ooh u beat me...


altho right now we're the same age

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I still feel 21 !!! maybe not look like it though, lol

lol me 2

how i feel...


how i look!!!


p.s. the first pic is a spring chicken......

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Ill give you some karma for making me laugh lol


i'll give u some karma for ya birthday!!!

oooh... happy birthday - it's past midnight

[size=7][color=violet]Happy Birthday[/color][/size]

[color=darkblue]from me too[/color]

And me!!

Happy Birthday!!

(I've changed the thread title )


http://bestsmileys.com/birthday1/8.gif [color=darkblue][size=6]Ducky![/size][/color]

[color=darkblue][size=6]Hope you have a fabulous day!! ... what age are you anyway ???[/size][/color]

???? Millarcat, I don't think it's ducky's birthday...it's chelle's... ? :?:


Oh no ..... I'm having another brain freeze day :? :lol:

http://bestsmileys.com/birthday1/13.gif[size=6][color=indigo]Happy Birthday chelle!![/color][/size] http://bestsmileys.com/birthday1/13.gif

Happy B'Day, Chelle!!

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thank you,everyone.

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???? Millarcat, I don't think it's ducky's birthday...it's chelle's... ? … ???? Millarcat, I don't think it's ducky's birthday...it's chelle's... ? :?:

Yeah... I said "me too" because Rayman said "happy birthday from me". I should really have quoted that bit of his post TBH. :lol:



awww thank you,getting old now 33 tomorrow

Happy birthday, although isn't it 23.34 now(?) another 26 minutes to go according to the BST (not GMT) timings...
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