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Found 23rd Oct 2009
Ok folkes having no luck on laptops im after some binoculars and i want to sit on Dover cliffs and be able to see france clearly lol see all the loverly boats names on the boats and peoples faces ect so that tell ya roughly what i want them for p.s. dover - france approx 26 miles.

and of corse because im posting this i would ove them as cheap as chips lol

good hunting and rep for any help given esp if i can at least get what power i need also dont mind a single lens jobbie

thanks in advance


Surely your joking!!! Are you sure you want binoculars and not a spy satellite? 26 miles is an awful long way for optics in bins to be able to make out faces and ready words on boats.

Why dont you look for a small telescope...

Original Poster

lol belive it or not im not joking and as for faces i ment on the boats wich are about 3 miles out lol not 26 as for small telescope i wanted something i could keep in car no tripods ect ill keep looking thanks for coments

p.s.stefor where can i get a spy satalite lmao

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but at a distance of 3 miles the viewing field of even a pair of 16 x 50 binoculars is approximately 300m so unless the boats' names are painted about 5 feet high or so you're not going to make out that level of detail.

Also, you mention that you won't be using a tripod so, realistically, a 16x is about the maximum magnification that you will be able to use with a semblance of steadiness. 10x or 12x would normally be my recommendation for maximum magnification handheld.

Nevertheless, on the basis that boats won't trog around all day at exactly 3 miles distance and might, perchance, wander a bit closer from time to time it won't be a waste of time to use binoculars although I'd definitely recommend considering what other uses you may put them to and take those into account when choosing.

For example, for astronomy go for a lower magnification 7-10x and as big an objective lens diameter 50mm+ as you can afford for their light gathering characteristics. The amount of light reaching your eyes is in proportion to the objective diameter divided by the magnification - that's why compact binoculars are mostly a waste of time.

For horse racing pretty much anything goes with my preference being for a 10 or 12x.

I find the Nikon standard range to be of good quality - £74, £84 & £99 for the 10x50, 12x50 and 16x50 respectively. There's also waterproof (as opposed to occasional splashproof) versions available for £123, £129 & £139. All these are at ]microglobe.co.uk who I have used for a while now and found to be most helpful.
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